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Disney Villains FiGPiN Bundle - Guaranteed Villain AP

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Disney Villains FiGPiN Bundle - Guaranteed Villain AP

Bundle details:

  • A total of 9 Bundles are available for this listing
  • Bundles include the following FiGPiNs: Captain Hook 950, Chernabog 966, Cruella de Vil 755, Maleficent 756, Mother Gothel 952, Dr. Facilier 953, Oogie Boogie 259, Queen of Hearts 605, Evil Queen 758, Scar 852, Gaston 954, Ursula 754, Hades 757, and Jafar 951
  • Displays with FiGPiN's unique soft rubber pin back stand
  • Encased in museum quality display case
  • Each FiGPiN is cast in zinc alloy, inlaid with hard enamel, and finished with an electroplated nickel coating
  • Each FiGPiN comes with a unique serial number engraved on the back to make every FiGPiN you own, uniquely yours.
  • Use the FiGPiN App to unlock your serial numbers and discover your FiGPiN's rarity as well as earn in-app points and collect awesome

Guaranteed Prize details:

  • Artist Proof FiGPiN: Mystery Villain AP